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In all honesty, we don’t believe that Gogobones could match the actual experience of throwing dice. Aside from the excitement built through pre-emptive rattling and the unique sound of each cast, we know that gamers have often tailored their art of “throwing bones” into personal rituals... be that through using a favorite set of dice, employing unique body mechanics and/or shouting a colorful soliloquy. These expressions are something that we would never want to replace.

Gogobones was created as an answer to the need for making dice rolling available to roleplaying and board game sessions with remote players. While there are some solutions out there already, we wanted to simply focus on the ability to set up and roll in an environment that could be shared online. We also thought the interface should be clean and work well with touchscreen and mobile devices.

Thank you for taking a chance with Gogobones.

About Chris Zalek

Chris Zalek

Chris Zalek is a freelance designer and digital artisan living in Chicago, Illinois. When he is not working, he maintains a regular Tai Chi practice and enjoys keeping busy as a tinkersmith and chaotic do-gooder.

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